Practice Areas
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
Construction/Real Estate
About KS Talents
KS Talents is a company focusing on delivering full professional human resource consulting services to industries such as Finance, Accounting, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Construction/Real Estate, IT/Communication/Internet, MRO etc., in Greater China Region. Our professional service team, solid knowledge on the relevant industries and full understanding of related job requirements as well as our tremendous talents database guarantee our perfect services to our clients.
Our View
We recruit and train our most talented consultants to be experts in specialized job sectors or functions, giving us credibility to assure our clients that we know exactly who are the right candidates, where they are and what is the best way to approach them.
Join Us
We respect and trust our employees, value their contribution to company’s development, motivate them to play their own advantages and potential to achieve self-success and make breakthrough in resolving different challenges, and help them to accomplish their career goals and values.
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